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Our Mission

JA Africa unlocks the economic potential of African youth by educating them in entrepreneurial skills, work readiness and financial literacy.  

JA Africa inspires Africa’s youth to start their own businesses, gives them the skills to succeed in the global job market, and provides them with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions as adults.

Alumni Testimonies

"A few weeks into the JA South Africa program, I learned there are alternative ways to grow my business."
- Dibuseng Phaloane
"Training with Junior Achievement Zimbabwe was a turning point in my business."
- Rudo Mazhandu
"The JA Mini Company Program opened my eyes on my career choices [and] gave me the chance to interact with lots of actors in the job "
- Ayaaz Mungralee

Our Solution

Empowering young people to own their future economic success


JA Africa gives young people the knowledge and skills to start and manage their own businesses and to apply entrepreneurial thinking to solve everyday problems. JA Africa’s entrepreneurship programs reach students in and out of the classroom, giving them the opportunities to start and run businesses and to become familiar with the realities of being business owners.

Financial Literacy

JA expands young people’s ability to manage their personal finances smartly and effectively. Starting as young as age seven, programs begin to introduce young children to essential concepts like earning, saving, spending, banking. Program complexity mature and become more sophisticated as students advance in their academic careers and are able to understand more.

Work Readiness

JA prepares young people for entering the workforce by giving them first-hand insight into the world of work and developing their soft and hard skills to obtain, thrive in and keep a job. Programs each students how to create CVs, how to interview for jobs, how to establish digital identities, how to behave in the workplace, from personal presentation and applying soft skills to being  proactive problem-solvers who create or add value for their employers.


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