Youth Employment Perception Survey

While Africa’s economic growth is strong, there is an urgent need to maximize sustainable growth through utilizing one of its greatest assets; its youth.

Africa’s youth population is rapidly growing and is expected to reach 830 million by 2050. However, the youth face an uphill battle in finding jobs. To find sustainable solutions to this challenge, JA Africa and INJAZ Al-Arab partnered with Oliver Wyman Wyman to explore labour market skills gap in Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA Region in an effort to tackle the unemployment challenge.

The study looks at markets across four key areas to provide a dual-perspective from both youth and employers which included sectoral opportunities and challenges, qualifying the skills gap, bridging the gap, and the impact of COVID-19 on the labor market.

Over 350 employers and 2,000 youth were surveyed in an effort to address the gap between the supply of skills provided by youth and the demand for skills from employers




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