Where do low-income earners in Kenya eat breakfast? JA Kenya Alumnus has the answer

Ramadhan Obiero is an Alumnus of the ITS TYME (Immersion Training Strategy: Targeting Young Marginalized Entrepreneurs) program at JA Kenya. He is the founder of the company called Think Breakfast, which sells clean breakfast for low income earners. In 2015, Ramadhan established this start-up, driven by the desire to offer high quality, clean and nutritious breakfast at an affordable price. Think Breakfast is founded on the philosophy that the everyday people who power the city of Nairobi, Kenya – cab drivers, welders, electricians, nannies, mechanics, street cleaners, night watchmen, etc. deserve to eat clean, healthy, hygienically-prepared and affordable foods too. Think Breakfast works with professional kitchen staff to ensure they deliver on their promise and uses an efficient distribution model through mobile hand carts to ensure they reach the masses at the factory door steps, by the road sides and in special locations and occasions as may be requested.

Since its founding, Think Breakfast has grown to employ five staff and serves over 1,000 clients a day with a diverse menu. The company has built strong brand loyalty among the low income earners working in the industrial area in Babadogo in Nairobi. As the company continues to grow and gain significant market share in the breakfast market for low income earners, Think Breakfast is looking to increase locations to reach more consumers in other locations.  The Think Breakfast distribution model ensures strategic positioning of the mobile carts in locations where the vendors can maximize the traffic and make sales. In addition, the vendors are given a lucrative commission structure that gives them the ability to earn more than their daily wage as a result of their sales drive.

Think Breakfasts’ success is a true manifestation of the power of JA’s model; its founders speak highly of the value of what they learned and how its application has affected both their bottom line and their lives.

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