JA Africa 2021 Company of the Year Competition Registration


Welcome to the 2021 Virtual Company of the Year (COY) competition registration page!

The 11th annual Africa COY competition, hosted by JA Mauritius, will be held virtually from February 24-26, 2022 and we’re excited to welcome you! The theme for COY 2021 is “Innovating with Grit”.

We expect to have 9 country teams competing for the grand prize of Company of the Year as well as branded awards.

Please download and carefully review the competition criteria and guidelines for this year’s competition to ensure your team is well prepared.

Each Member Nation (MN) is required to complete the registration forms/submit the documents below on behalf of their delegates in order to participate in COY 2021.

The following documents must be submitted by the deadlines stated below.

Deadline December 20, 2021

4. 1 minute Video Commercial (Naming format: Country Name – Company Name – Video Commercial eg. Ghana – JA Enterprise – Video Commercial)
6. Parent/Guardian Consent Form


7. Photograph release forms: FedEx (Adult and Minor), Citi, JA Africa & all other donors

Deadline January 22, 2022

  1. 2021 Presentation Slides and Team Photos Submission 
  2. 5-minute Video Pitch (Naming format: Country Name – Company Name – 5 minute pitch eg. Ghana – JA Enterprise – 5 minute pitch)
  3. Timestamp for Video Pitch

Deadline February 11, 2022

  1. FedEx Essay Submission


All script should contain the following details:

Time stamp of script text: This should match the time on your pitch video

Slide number: The slide that accompanies the segment of the pitch video

Speaker name and position in company: The person speaking in the video segment

Content of script: The text (English) of what the speaker is saying in the segment

See sample of script here



November 10 – December 10, 2021 – Regular registration period for all MNs 

MN Registration form, Company Profile and Company Report must all be fully completed and submitted for registration to be considered complete. 

December 10- 20, 2021 – Late Registration period

MNs that miss the regular registration deadline without prior approval by the ROC will still have the opportunity to register. However, teams will forfeit the chance for their Company Reports to be scored. 

All forms must be fully completed and submitted by the registration deadline. The 1-minute commercial and 5-minute pitch video can be sent via google drive, Dropbox or WeTransfer to competition@ja-africa.org

No team registrations will be accepted after December 20, 2021. The MN will forfeit its chance to participate in the competition.

If you experience any challenges with this registration site, please send an email to senanu.adiku@ja-africa.org