Unorthodox ToothPaste

Apex Limited, an enterprise created through JA’s Company Program, stretched their imagination when they developed Apex Tooth Gel. They started with market research in Rusape, a rural under-served community, which helped them to discover a gap in access to basic health services. While Team Apex knew their community lacked resources, they were not aware of how much of a concern dental hygiene was, especially tooth decay and halitosis.

Once they identified this concern in their community, they put their JA Zimbabwe Company Program skills to work, including budgeting, planning, problem solving and team work into the development of Apex Tooth Gel.

They developed an affordable and environmentally friendly product that reduces plaque and halitosis. The product is produced from the microscopic cellulose fibers found in cow dung, an unorthodox ingredient that produces great results.

The team conducted experiments to test whether the fibers, which form a key ingredient in the powder, could remove plaque. They wanted their product to be certified and knew that could only happen if the toothpaste was truly suitable for human use.

They took their toothpaste to Rusape General Hospital for this purpose and were able to secure certification from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

Apex Tooth Gel is now sold in the Rusape  for one dollar per packet, 50% less than other toothpaste products  on the market. The product is growing in popularity due to its affordability, effectiveness and availability.

Apex Limited Company plans to supply the product nationwide after they graduate. They hope to create employment for themselves and other unemployed young people.

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