Two JA Africa Partner Schools Shortlisted for T4 Education’s Best School Prizes

Pictured: Project Yoof, started by students of Nova Pioneer, won the 2021 JA Africa Company of the Year Competition

We are thrilled to announce that two of our esteemed partner schools, Wisdom International School of Excellence (WISE) in Nigeria and Nova Pioneer in Kenya, have been nominated for T4 Education’s prestigious World’s Best School Prizes!

The World’s Best School Prizes are the world’s most prestigious education awards, giving inspirational schools a share of the $50,000 award and a global platform so others can replicate their best practices.

🌟 Wisdom International School of Excellence (WISE), Nigeria: WISE has been recognized as a Top 10 Finalist in the “Overcoming Adversity” category for the 2024 World’s Best School Prize! We are incredibly proud to support WISE through our JA BE Entrepreneurial and JA Company Program, empowering students to overcome challenges and thrive.

🌟 Nova Pioneer, Kenya: Nova Pioneer has made it to the Top 10 Finalists in the “Innovation” category for the World’s Best School Prize 2024! At Nova Pioneer, our JA Company Program nurtures creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Notably, in 2021, their student-led Project Yoof won the JA Africa Company of the Year Competition by leveraging technology to make mental health care accessible to young people.

We are honored to support these schools and celebrate their remarkable achievements. Please show your support and vote for them to win in their respective categories at World’s Best School Public Vote 2024

Join us in congratulating WISE and Nova Pioneer for their dedication to excellence and innovation in education!

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