Plastic Tide Turners

JA Africa is proud to join the UNEP in the Tide Turner Plastic challenge with the aim of mobilizing thousands of young people to participate in the fight against plastic pollution and marine litter. 

The aim is to create a new movement of young people across the world who will be committing to take action to reduce plastic waste in their lives, at schools and within the community. Check out the Tide Turners toolkit for more information. 

Source: UN Environment Programme

Become a Tide Turner

By joining the Tide Turners challenge, you are becoming a part of the solution to Africa’s plastic pollution problem. Are you up for the challenge?

How to Participate

Step 1: Sign up here
Step 2: Join the “JA Africa Plastic Tide Turners Challenge 2021” Facebook Group
Step 3: Take on the Challenges!
Step 4: Complete each challenge and use your social media to influence behavioral change towards plastics use. Use the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics
Step 5: Progress from Beginner Level to Leader Level to Champion Level.
Step 6: Reach the Champion level and get ready for a new and exciting journey as a UNEP Plastic Tide Turners Challenge Advocate.

Campaign Rewards

1) Certificate of Recognition from the UN Environment Programme
2) Become a UN Environment Programme Plastic Tide Turners Challenge Advocate
3) Souvenirs including backpacks, t-shirts, caps and many more exciting prizes!