Tide Turners Leader Level


Ask an activist to speak to an assembly of 10 to 20 people on the topic of plastic pollution. Share a video of the session on social media using the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics
Beginner level - boost

Get creative and demonstrate hands-on leadership with a poster. Use your artwork to get people to think about changing their single-use plastic habits and keep the neighborhood clean. Share your poster with friends and family by posting on social media using the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics
Beginner level - boost (4)

Do you have friends or family that use single-use plastics than necessary? Prepare a slideshow for them, with facts and photos about the problems with plastics. Afterwards, ask them if they learned anything new or if your presentation made them care a bit more. What was their response? Share your slideshow on social media and educate others. Use the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics

Engage two youth groups or schools in a plastic face-off to see which group can collect the most plastic bottles in 1 day. Did the activity make everyone think more about reducing their use of plastics? Did the final amount of plastics collected shock them?

Shout about it! Share pictures! Use the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlasticss
Beginner level - boost (6)

Spend a day picking up plastics you find littering your neighborhood or community. Take note of all you find, compile your findings and write a letter to your local municipality with suggestions for how to reduce plastic pollution. Should they provide more trash and recycling bins? Should they have signs reminding people not to litter?

Shout about it! Use the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics
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