Tide Turners Champion Level


Create a plastic collection scheme for your school, workplace or community. Show how this scheme will ensure that plastics collected can be segregated into singe-use and reusable plastics. What are some of the ways of reusing these plastics collected?

Share pictures of the results of your waste management scheme using the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics

Select a company or shop you regularly visit and ask them to reconsider the plastics that they sell or provide on their premises. Discuss possible alternatives that could be used instead. Were you able to influence them to reduce plastic use? What alternatives are they using?

Shout about it! Influence others on social media using the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics

With friends, identify a key issue that you think local authorities or even a minister would consider taking action to resolve. Write a persuasive letter or arrange for a meeting to discuss these key issues. What was the outcome of the meeting? Take a selfie with your local authority and share what you discussed.

Use the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics

Engage a local newspaper, radio or television station to share a cover story on the work you have done, helping your community to get rid of single-use plastics. Has this action helped you reach a wider audience?

Share a copy of an article or visuals from an interview with the media. Shout about it using the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics

Work with a group of friends to find items that most people don’t realize contain plastics. For example, did you know cigarette filters contain tiny plastic fibers? In fact, in a recent global survey, cigarettes were the most common type of plastic waste found in the environment.

Shout about it! Share what you found on social media using the hashtag #AfricaBeatsPlastics
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