What does a JA Job Shadow Experience Mean to a Student?

In line with our mission to activate youth for the world of work, JA Swaziland organized a Job Shadow program in partnership with 64 companies including PWC, Sedco and Africa Chicks to prepare young people for the world of work. Students were matched with different companies (based on their career interests) to explore different industries and experience the day to day activities of specific companies. Four students who participated in the Job Shadow Program share how the Job Shadow impacted their lives.

Mphilwenhle Tsabedze From Manzini Nazarene High School – Africa Chicks

“I am very grateful to have been selected to partake in the Job Shadow Program. It has been really instrumental in reviving my dream to become an entrepreneur. Africa Chicks is a business that produces day old chicks which are then sold to a variety of customers who then develop them into broiler chickens. A very crucial lesson I was learnt is the importance of maintaining high quality products in order to sell the best produce in the market. A great deal of effort and time goes into the selection of quality eggs that are incubated to hatch and produce chicks. Each and every room has a sterilizing pool that ensures workers sterilize their feet before going to the workplace. This maintains a high level of cleanliness and limits germs causing infections. This taught me that a business does everything possible to ensure cleanliness in production area.  More than anything, I enjoyed my experience being part of a business and learning how to run an establishment. It has truly made me wish to fast track the next few years of my life and start establishing my business.”

 Vilane Temasiko from Manzini Nazarene High School – SEDCO

“I am an aspiring Business Management Practitioner. Therefore joining SEDCO, an institution that deals with developing entrepreneurs from different spheres of life was truly amazing.  I was exposed to how one can start and manage an enterprise. My highlight for my Job Shadow attachment was visiting Single Tree in Nhlangano where I met a group of women who are under SEDCO’s leadership and have established a Cooperative. In their saving scheme, they all contribute a sum of E2.00 on a weekly basis. First of all, I felt that they were contributing an amount that was too little specifically because they were targeting to buy groceries in December for the festive season.  I also noticed that the scheme lacked unity as there was a lot of misconception about one another in the scheme. I am positive that if they could open up a little bit to one another, they could build unity. I also recommend that they increase the amount that they save in order to enjoy the rewards once they have made dividends in their scheme. I have to admit that I got insight on the variety of business ideas that I could venture into as I become a business woman. I thank SEDCO for the exposure, I truly believe I have found my niche in business and in a few years’ time, I will be a remarkable business woman.”

 Sibusiso Mkhonta from Timphisini High School – SEDCO

“It has been a tremendous experience for me to shadow at SEDCO as an aspiring business man. I have been able to solicit relevant advice on how I can establish an enterprise. What I noted is the fact that sometimes we do not know where to begin to ask for business advice yet there are institutions like SEDCO specifically provided to cater for these needs. I have also developed a passion for marketing just by being at SEDCO. I had the opportunity to be under the marketing department and I recognized how important marketing is in building brand recognition and creating awareness about what an organization is all about. I see myself using my love for business to establish a Public Relations and Marketing firm. I believe if I can combine both my interests, I will be very successful in business. I thank SEDCO and Junior Achievement for the opportunity afforded to me. I now understand myself and my interests better.”

  Sihlongonyane Tembuso- Ndzevane High School – Price Waterhouse Coopers

“I have always envisioned myself in a career in accounting. I have to admit that I did not have a clear picture of what it really entails to be an accountant until I shadowed at PWC where I had the opportunity to be a part of a team of auditors. I worked with Fashion International as a client. It was such a great learning experience as the team I worked with gave their time to assist me grasp what it means to be an auditor and what it is that we check for in the financials of a business undergoing audit. I got to assist in the auditing process and that gave me a sense of responsibility as I was determined not to let the team down. I am determined to work hard in my accounts and business classes at school so as to qualify to practice in this profession, a few years down the line. It is a lot of hard work and sacrifice however I believe my passion will carry me through.”


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  1. Good day, my daughter Cameron Mndvoti is currenting doing grade 11 at Enjabulweni, as part of their Life Orientation they are requested to part take in a job shadowing program. Is it possible to give me a list of companies I can approach who are in involved in this program.

    1. Junior Achievement Africa

      Hi Sandra,
      Thanks for your message. Kindly contact the JA Swaziland office at (+268) 2505 6504 / 8259 / 6045 and via email at info@jaswaziland.org.
      We wish your daughter all the best in her endeavors.

      Best regards,

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