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  • This form requires you to submit detailed information on the company that will be competing in the 2019 JA Africa Out of School Youth Competition. Please ensure that you complete all sections of this form. You may save your progress and come back to complete your entry at any time before the competition deadline, by clicking the "Save and Continue Later" button at the bottom of the page.
    *Please note that alumni verification checks will be conducted for companies applying under Category 1.
  • Country where you participated in JASchool where you participated in JAYear of participation in JA 
  • (Insert facebook page URL eg. https://www.facebook.com/companyname)
  • Press (+) to list names of a maximum of two management team members representing the company in this competition. If you are applying under Category 1, please ensure the JA alum is listed as one of the company representatives.
  • Full NameDesignation (eg. CEO, VP etc)AgeEmail AddressJA Alum? (yes/no) 
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