Knitting to Preserve the Planet – JA Senegal Alum

WE ARE KNITTING TO PRESERVE THE PLANET:  In recent times, a lot of focus has been on climate change and waste management and our contribution as human beings to these phenomena. Our company ‘INNOVATORS’   gives a second life to the plastic bag while keeping the same function. For us at “INNOVATORS”, we believe that “It is better to recycle than to throw plastic waste” and this is our motto.

Personally, my attitude towards plastic waste changed drastically the day I learnt that a plastic bag needs 450 to 500 years to disintegrate and that a bottle of water needs 1000 years to disintegrate and to ultimately be reabsorbed. I realized then that something had to be done and I had to be part of the solution when it comes to dealing with issues as important as the preservation of our planet.

I chose the second R of the recycling process which is ‘reuse’ which consists of giving a second life to plastic while keeping the same usage or adding a different usage to the product. Thanks to the Company Program, I could convert my entrepreneurial idea into a real business.

Even though recycling is costly, time consuming and energy consuming, our planet is worth more. My friends and I are happy to run a company that contributes to the preservation of the planet.

Our business is based on a simple economic model. We make use of 40 plastic bags that have been thrown to waste and we typically spend 4 working days to a get a recycled knitted bag that can be sold at 5000cfa/10 $. We enjoy knitting a lot and we are exploring ways of making our work more efficient because the benefits on our planet are huge. We have the advantage of getting our raw materials (plastic waste) for free and we give value to waste which is one of the pressing challenges of our planet.



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