While JA’s classroom-based delivery model has been very successful, the brick and mortar approach is a limiting factor in going to scale. As an organization, JA aspires to reach youth across the continent, whether in-school or out of school, in rural or urban areas, unemployed or in employment etc. At its current annual reach of 258,000 youth, JA Africa is reaching less than 1% of African youth. However, by establishing a digital learning platform, JA Africa has the potential to engage over one million students per year, while cutting the cost of delivery to less than one dollar per student per year.

JA will develop and deploy an online-based entrepreneurship curriculum, created specifically for a young African learner, that will be accessible both in and out of school. It will build on JA’s existing entrepreneurship programs, like ITS TYME and will create an online version that teaches the same principles in an engaging and fun way.

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The goal is to raise $25,000 to build this digital learning platform. You can contribute to help us meet this goal by making a donation and tell a friend to donate.


Resilience is built into the DNA of JA students, staff, and volunteers, so in spite of cancellations, postponements, and closings, JA continues to operate. Given that most schools are closed, JA staff members are working with partners to develop and expand digital learning experiences and virtual volunteer sessions so that we can continue to serve students.

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