Journey to Financial Freedom – Doreen Komujuni, JA Uganda Alum

Doreen Komujuni participated in JA Uganda’s Job shadow, Leadership camp and Company program. As part of her training, she was able to learn the basics of financial diagnosis. She also discovered other facets of her personality from interacting and working on certain projects with  other participants.

Volunteering on JA’s program also helped her to polish her public speaking and interpersonal relations skills. The experience from volunteering also helped her map out her career options. These experiences have come in handy with her current indoor teacher job which helps her pay for her college tuition and supplies. Doreen is on her way to financial freedom as she has discovered her niche and plans to maximize that in order to become financially independent. 

She draws inspiration from  Susan Okot’s life story because it teaches her to persevere in difficult times and never give up on her dreams. Doreen’s advice to the youth is to have foresight and focus on the bigger picture when they face any type of difficulty with school, career and other aspects of their lives.  

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