JA Zimbabwe ED Highlights ‘Good” Jobs at ASHOKA-YALI Forum

Junior Achievement Zimbabwe staff, beneficiaries and alumni took part in the ASHOKA-YALI Future of Work Forum with the theme “Transforming Youth Livelihoods and Leadership in Zimbabwe” on the 15th of May 2017. The event was a platform to bring professionals, entrepreneurs and young people together in discussing young people’s future. Representatives from civil society, young entrepreneurs and future leaders, and human rights associations were present.

At the event, JA Zimbabwe Executive Director, Phil Mlambo spoke on the topic of redefining “good” jobs. He focused on sharing Junior Achievement’s experience and drawing on young people’s experience in enterprise development as a job, informal jobs and how to build up to make them satisfying. He touched on internships as a way of testing the waters on career path development, weighed in on debate on job fulfillment and job financial rewards.

Besides participating at the event, JA’s role was to mobilize young people to attend and lead a break out session.


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