JA Zambia Students Recount COY Experience

JA Africa hosted its 6th Annual Regional Company of the Year competition in Harare, Zimbabwe from 7th to 9th December 2016.

This event is the capstone activity for our highly acclaimed JA Company Program® and provides an exciting and competitive element to the program that enhances the students’ experience and creates significant practical exposure to the competitive world of international business. Currently impacting more than 250,000 young people a year globally, the JA Company Program® provides introductory entrepreneurship education for high school students by allowing them to organize and operate an actual business and receive guidance from local volunteers.

The  competition displayed the skills and entrepreneurial talents of young entrepreneurs who could potentially become Africa’s next business moguls and industry players. It was an opportunity for Africa Leadership Magazine and other media partners to witness the beginning of promising careers. The event also featured JA’s corporate sponsors including Citi, FedEx and Barclays among many other distinguished guests.

For many of the students, the Company of the Year Competition offers them the opportunity to acquire a passport and travel for the first time. The team from JA Zambia, Kayele Creative Kids shared their experiences about traveling to another African country :

Rebecca: “I was very nervous and wished we had used public transportation instead. When taking off I was very nervous but as we went on, it was enjoyable. I didn’t know we were landing and all I knew was that we were in Zimbabwe. I started shivering.”
Fred: “The truth is that I was really nervous. I didn’t want to board it. I wasn’t expecting it. I tried to relax but I couldn’t. I am happy to be in Zimbabwe now.”
Allen: “Back home in Zambia, I usually see a plane flying and I said one day I’ll fly so I thought it will be enjoyable and exciting but once I got on the plane, I started to sweat and I wanted it to land quickly. Then the moment it landed, I really wanted to get out quickly. I kissed the ground. But I am happy to be here. Zimbabwe is fun.”
Nancy:It was good. Even though it was my first time, it was great. I felt like screaming sometimes but I knew it was going to be okay. I was scared when the plane came down and went back up but it’s been good now. I am enjoying myself now.”
Isaac of Express Art Gallery:The experience on the plane was epic. When  I board the bus at home, I usually throw up because of the petrol stuff so I thought it would be the same in the plane. But it was exciting. I can’t believe I am in this hotel and that’s exciting. I am really enjoying the experience.
We look forward to sharing more experiences with you. Stay tuned for the next COY !

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