JA Mauritius’ Goal Accelerator to Empower Mauritian Women and Girls

The Goal Accelerator Workshop organized by JA Mauritius was a significant step towards empowering girls and women in Mauritius. Held over three days at Voila Hotel Bagatelle, the workshop brought together various stakeholders to collaborate on designing a program tailored to the specific needs of Mauritian girls and women.

The workshop’s agenda was comprehensive, focusing on building strong partnerships at both global and local levels, aligning stakeholders on the vision of Goal Accelerator in Mauritius, and co-designing a program that actively values all voices and lived experiences.

One of the highlights of the workshop was the active involvement of disadvantaged girls from Revey Twa Fam on the first two days. Their insights and opinions were invaluable in shaping the program to address the social, cultural, and political barriers they face in income generation.

Additionally, the workshop featured sessions exclusively for JAM staff, Women Win, and Standard Chartered, where discussions centered on program expectations and setup. This collaborative approach ensured that the program’s design resonated with the Mauritian context and the needs of its participants.

Overall, the Goal Accelerator Workshop facilitated meaningful collaboration and laid the groundwork for an impactful initiative that aims to empower girls and women in Mauritius to achieve their full potential.

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