JA Mauritius Organizes Transformative Field Excursion for Educators as Part of the JA GREENT Program

JA Mauritius, as part of the JA GREENT Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering sustainable economic growth in the Republic of Mauritius, organized a transformative field excursion for educators from the Mauritius Institute of Training and Development (MITD). The primary focus of the trip was centered around the biodiversity component within the GREENT program, aiming to equip teachers with educational tools fostering a “sustainability-conscious entrepreneurial mindset” in high school students.

The journey commenced at the Mare Chicose Landfill site where the educators got a first-hand look at one of the main threats to biodiversity: pollution and habitat loss. Discussions delved into the impact of landfills on biodiversity, particularly as water extracted from waste is treated and released into the sea at Roche-Bois.

The second leg of the trip led the group to Ebony Forest, where work has been ongoing since 2006 to counter habitat degradation and combat invasive species. This sanctuary serves as a haven for the unique biodiversity of the Mascareignes Islands.

After the site visit, the educators gathered for a comprehensive review session on biodiversity and discussed all logistical details to gear up for the commencement of the program. A total of 63 enthusiastic educators are scheduled to kick off their JA GREENT journey at the end of January 2024.

One educator said, “The site visit was very interesting and resourceful, providing me with enough information to share with the students during the program. We had a great enriching time over there. With the guided tour, I learned many things about Mauritius’ natural reserve, which I look forward to sharing with our trainees during our upcoming sessions. Thank you, JA Mauritius.”

The JA GREENT program is set to kick off at the end of January and promises to have a positive impact on both educators and students, fostering a sustainable mindset for a better future.

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