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JA Ghana partnered with Barclays Bank in 2011 to deliver three programs, namely; B-inspired Innovation Camp, B-smart Program (Company Program) and B-experienced Program (Job Shadow) to reach 3,745 high school students from 17 high schools in the Greater Accra, Eastern, Central and Volta regions of Ghana, with the support of staff and volunteers from Barclays Bank Ghana.

You Can B Inspired Innovation Camp was an exciting and educative challenge for 180 students; students were challenged to develop business plans to educate people in their communities about the benefits of banks/financial institutions aimed at convincing customers that their moneys would be safe for deposit. They were also to convince customers that it was safe to take loans from the bank and decide on the most appropriate customer market to approach and the methods to use when approaching them, while deciding how they will measure success. The tasks enabled participants to develop and apply their skills in entrepreneurship, communication, creativity, and teamwork.

You Can B Smart Program (Company Program) reached 2,850 high students with hands-on approaches to introductory entrepreneurship education. With the support of mentors and volunteers from Barclays Bank Ghana, students were given the opportunity to organize and operate an actual business from capitalization to liquidation, learning concepts such as profit, customer relations, human resource management, etc. Students were also able to learn and apply soft skills that are instrumental to success in business, such as brainstorming, consensus building, group and self-assessment, interpreting production inventory, oral and written communication.

You Can B Experienced Program (Job Shadow) gave 715 students “a-day-at-the-office” experience at Barclays Corporate Offices and Regional Offices across four regions of Ghana.  43 Barclays Bank staff provided mentorship, role modeling, career guidance and interpersonal skills development to students, aimed at building their futures.


JA Ghana partnered with The Coca-Cola African Foundation to reach 5,843 students between 2009 and 2010. Private sector organizations, including Coca-Cola Ghana, DHL, Barclays Bank and Newmont Mining supported JA Ghana with volunteers and funds.

3,699 primary school students were reached on the JA Our Nation Program which introduced students to the intersection of work readiness and their social studies objectives. Through hands-on classroom activities, the program provided students with practical information about the Ghana’s free market system and how it serves as an economic engine for businesses and careers. The 5-lessons curriculum also introduced the need for entrepreneurial and innovative thinking to meet the requirements of high-growth, high-demand careers and the concept of globalization in business.

The grant also reached 1,425 students with the JA Careers with a Purpose program, which introduced students to the importance of seeking careers that help them realize their life potential and noble purpose. The 12-weeks program demonstrated the importance of positive values, life maxims, and ethical decision-making within the context of career and life decisions.

579 students were reached with the JA Company Program® which sought to introduce students to basic business education. In addition, 140 benefitted from the JA Job Shadow Program and received mentorship, career guidance and interpersonal skills development from volunteers and staff of Coca-Cola Ghana.



Since 2015, 440 students from the Unity Cluster of Schools at Kotobabi in Accra have been reached on JA/GE STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Careers Campaigns. The campaigns are one-day events that raise student awareness of STEM career opportunities, and create opportunities for students to interact through a challenge in a competitive but safe environment, while fostering public speaking, team building and problem solving skills.

During the campaigns, students are challenged to work in teams on STEM-related problems and present their solutions to a panel of judges. The winning ideas are selected based on set criteria and evaluation. This hands-on, learning by doing experience provides early exposure of the youth to career clusters and skills needed in STEM-related industries.



CHA-CHING, a financial literacy curriculum funded by Prudential PLC, targets primary school students between the ages of 7 to 12 years old and is designed to introduce students to key money concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate.


Since 2016, JA Ghana has delivered the curriculum to 215 students in Accra and Tema. Students develop knowledge of essential financial concepts to make wise money management decisions while utilizing the different platforms CHA-CHING offers to consolidate and enhance learning.

Staff of Prudential Ghana, serving as volunteers, supported the learning experience of students by filing the key role of delivering the curriculum within classrooms, while exposing students to their personal and professional experiences.



In 2013, JA Ghana collaborated with Nokia to deliver an educational program to high school students to improve efficiency within student-led enterprises in the JA Company Program using the Nokia MyShop application. The MyShop application was developed by the Nokia Research Centre (NRC) Africa team in Nairobi, as an innovation for microbusiness users not only in Africa but also the rest of the world; an easy-to-use small business application that helps small enterprises and entrepreneurs to keep track of their stock and cash transactions.

Nokia MyShop aimed to fill the gap between small and big businesses resulting from the lack of affordable applications for smaller businesses in developing countries. The application aimed to use mobile technology to improve education, health, business and learning, including life skills and youth development.

Since 2010, Nokia has supported JA Ghana in impacting the life and entrepreneurial skills of more than 500 students. The programs have helped participating students to gain valuable business experiences, increased their awareness of entrepreneurship education in the wider community and practical skills necessary to do business via mobile technology.


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