JA Ghana and African Internship Academy Launch Job Shadow Program for Senior High Schools in Ghana

Junior Achievement (JA) Ghana and the African Internship Academy (AIA) announce YOUth Harness 2017, a Job Shadow program slated for May 24. YOUth Harness aims to take 300 students (“shadows”) from Senior High Schools in Accra and match them with professionals (“hosts”) for a day of mentoring, giving students a glimpse into life as professionals in the careers they aspire to.

This program commemorates the theme of this year’s AU Day: Harnessing Dividends through Investments in Youth.

Job shadow programs aim to address some of the gaps students face when transitioning from school to the world of work. They expose young people to options that are available to them in a given field, as well as demystify and clarify what certain jobs entail. Students learn, for example that lawyers work not only in law firms but also in supermarket chains, in banks, hotel chains and with even non-profits. Through this, students appreciate the relevance of education to future success and are better able to make smart career choices. Consequently, host companies strengthen and promote businesses’ involvement in education, prepare the future workforce and give back to their communities.

On May 24 this year, students from schools in Accra will be paired with professionals in a variety of fields at companies located at Ridge and the Airport/ Stanbic Heights area. During the day, they will ‘shadow’ their hosts: attend meetings, observe them, ask questions, and get a feel of what it takes to be successful at their work.

Interested schools and interested companies should contact  abeiku.greene@jaghana.org or priscillia.holdbrook@africainternshipacademy.com.

Availability is limited.

About JA Ghana

JA Ghana is a nonprofit organization under the JA Africa & Worldwide network, dedicated to empowering young people to own their economic success by enhancing the relevance of education. Since its establishment in Ghana in 2008, JA Ghana has served over 15,000 Ghanaian youth in over 80 schools and institutions, across the ten regions of the country. JA Ghana’s unique, experiential programs focus on work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy and encourage young people to experience the realities of work and life in the 21st century. In addition, our programs show students the value of education, bridge the gap between what they are learning in the classroom with the real world, and equip them with the skills and tools they need to be more successful in school and their future careers.


About Africa Internship Academy

Africa Internship Academy (AIA) is an initiative of the PEOPLE INITIATIVE FOUNDATION, which is a registered NGO in Ghana. It is a self-sustaining social enterprise that prepares students and connects them to leading African employers with diverse qualified talents. We help candidates launch their careers by giving them intensive employable skills and also partnering with businesses/institutions to develop or enhance their diversity recruitment and inclusion strategies. AIA specializes in connecting Africa’s young talent through Internships and Innovative Exchange Programs.

Africa Internship Academy values a holistic program model that fosters student learning & development. We emphasize on a global understanding for all our interns in order to further cross-cultural communication and professional development


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