JA Ghana Alumnus Receives Valedictorian Awards

JA Africa believes that its greatest resource is the vast network of alumni – young Africans who have completed training in JA’s courses. They exist by the thousands and provide the best testimonies of the impact of our work. Read Solomon Danquah’s testimonial on how JA Ghana made an impact in his life:

“Since childhood, I had always struggled to identify my passion and more so lacked the strength to pursue them. My involvement in Junior Achievement began in Senior High School when I decided to join the Apex Junior Achievement Company. As a business student in Accra Academy, my excitement about the business project kept soaring in light of the fact that it gave me the real time stage to practise what I was studying in the classroom. The positive impact of JA on my academics became obvious when I was awarded the third Best Business Management Student in Accra Academy in 2011.

In Ghana, Junior Achievement was in its initial years when Apex JA Company won the best JA Company at the Company of the year Competition and represented the nation at the Africa Competition in Kenya in 2010. Being the first company to represent from our school, a lot was on the line and most students were spurred to join the club in the subsequent terms. The huge international exposure in Kenya bolstered my confidence and personal growth. Not only did it rouse a considerable measure of business knowledge but also gave me the chance to build a network of friends with comparative enthusiasm who affirmed my potential to lead and give quality business presentations.

I further pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree at the Presbyterian University College Ghana in Information and Communications Technology with a major in Business Information Systems. In the university, my presentation skills landed me as a Runner Up in the Institute of Engineers and Technology Present Around The World Competition (IET PATW) in Ghana. Bits of my handy business experience gave me an edge over my colleagues especially in business related courses. This again was evident as I graduated as a valedictorian among the class of 2017 at the Presbyterian University College.

Currently, I seek to pursue further studies in Business and IT related courses to cement my chances of becoming a Chief Information Officer, Business Consultant and an entrepreneur in the long term. JA has done more that nurturing. It has provided me the light and path to succeed in my life. God Bless JA.”

When JA Africa looks into the future, we see a continent where young people have access to the voices, choices and opportunities they need to succeed. We are proud of Solomon and the successes he has chalked till date. We continue to wish him all the best in his endeavors.






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