JA Gabon Receives Prestigious Afric’Innov Badge

Afric’innov Association, a Dakar-based firm which supports Innovative Entrepreneurship Support organizations in French-speaking Africa, has awarded JA Gabon the AFRIC’INNOV Badge. The award recognizes JA Gabon’s work in training and capacity building of local entrepreneurs.

JA Gabon joins the 2021 winners: Energy Generation (Togo), IMPACT Lab (Morocco), La Startup Factory (Morocco), La Fabrique (Burkina Faso), Etrilabs (Benin), CIPMEN (Niger) and Donilab (Mali). These organizations were selected based on a set of criteria co-constructed by fifty different actors in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, taking into account infrastructure, approach, support resources and service offerings of the organizations concerned. Also, taken into consideration was the quality of the applications submitted by the organizations online, which was followed by a detailed field report submitted by an independent consultant mandated by Afric’innov.

Executive Director of JA Gabon, Nathalie Bingangoye, said, “Obtaining the Afric’Innov badge is a major step for JA Gabon that allows us to raise the profile of the organization on the national and international stage. This is a long-term work and this recognition sends us a positive and encouraging message for the future. We thank Afric’innov for giving us the platform to further our mission to build the entrepreneurial skills of young people.”

Alice PETETIN, Labeling Manager of Afric’innov, said, “The eight holders of the Afric’innov label have demonstrated a good level of maturity and professionalism according to an objective quality standard, recognized by the actors of the ecosystems of innovative entrepreneurship in Africa. They are therefore ideal partners for all actors wishing to work with entrepreneurship support organizations on the continent: entrepreneurs, public institutions or even donors.”

A key player in the Gabonese entrepreneurial ecosystem, JA Gabon offers a wide range of programs for young people, which focuses on building their financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship skills. Since its establishment in 2013, JA Gabon has empowered Gabonese youth to promote innovation, while fostering a supportive environment for responsible and civic-minded youth.

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