JA Alum, Norah Asekenye Proves that Positivity is Capital

In 2013, Norah Asekenye was a student of Islamic University Uganda pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management year.

She experienced JA as the Marketing Manager of Fort Agribusiness JA Company, an entrepreneurship education program. In her team of 12, they capitalized their JA Company with 6,000 Uganda Shillings (USD 1.7)each. The team shared the proceeds of their company at the end of every term. Having appreciated the meaning of money, Norah saved her returns in a savings account for a year, realizing Shs650,500 (USD179.60).

Thanks to JA, I learnt to identify potential sources of income. I also became better at discerning my talents” Norah said. She learned that she  was good at braiding hair, which she began doing to earn some pocket money. When she had the opportunity to attend the JA Leadership Camp in 2013, she seized it. “The value of interpersonal skills was stressed as a must have. I worked hard to develop this during my management practice as a marketing manager”Norah says. Developing these skills helped her get a job as Personal Assistant in an education consultant’s office during her school break.

She decided to invest her savings.  She opened a retail shop in Fort-Portal Municipality where she employs one person to support her while she is studying at the university. Norah says the revenue helps her meet her personal needs. Norah summarizes her JA experiences simply: “It’s interesting; you don’t need millions to start. Positivity is the capital.”


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