JA Africa Supports UNLEASH

JA Africa is pleased to participate in UNLEASH, which is bringing together 1,000 students, academics, business people and other thought leaders to tackle some of the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals. JA students and alumni will participate in the event, which will be held in Denmark in August 2017.

The objectives of the UNLEASH consortium are to:

  • Source global top talents with the vision and drive required to disrupt conventional solutions and create a better and more sustainable world.
  • Accelerate next generation ideas and partner top talents with individuals, companies, NGOs, government agencies, investors and foundations that are at the forefront of innovation and global development.
  • Support winning ideas towards realization through ongoing support, online hubs, and a venture fund setup which can ensure financial backing of the most transformative and viable ideas. The winning ideas can both be for profit and non-profit.

UNLEASH works with different themes. This year seven themes have been chosen and under each theme there will be a number of challenges for the talents to work on. The themes are Water Food, Energy, Health, Education, Sustainable Consumption and Urban Sustainability, A dedicated ecosystem has been developed for each of the themes.

JA is proud to identify some of Africa’s best and brightest students to share their ideas to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges through this initiative. For more visit: www.unleash.org



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