JA Africa Recognised among Top 50 Non-Profit Organizations in Africa

Nominated among top 50 Non-Profit organizations in Africa, JA Africa, a youth focused organization celebrates this achievement with its students, staff and 14 member nations in Africa. JA Africa prepares young Africans for the 21st century workforce by educating them in entrepreneurial, work readiness and financial literacy knowledge and soft skills for the different growth sectors in Africa.

The Impact Concept and Solutions Africa (ICS Africa) Limited in collaboration with leading PR and Research Agency, Avance Media sampled different influential community based, faith-based, regional and international NGOs and used key criteria to select the pacesetters and model organizations that give hope to their communities as a result of their initiatives and support to other organizations and individuals. Among the recognised global and regional organizations that were honored are the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI), Mastercard Foundation, The Tony Elumelu Foundation and emPAWA Africa. The recognition underscores JA Africa’s commitment to improving the lives of young people across the continent. Annually, JA Africa reaches over 250,000 youth with its programs through experiential learning and corporate volunteer-driven approaches.  

Despite the great work JA Africa does, JA programs reach only one percent of Africa’s youth population. There are still many young Africans being left to determine their own fate as they continue to increase the unemployed statistics which governments are unable to absorb into the public sector. For this reason, JA Africa is committed to addressing the pressing need that incessantly leaves African countries bereft of untapped national, and by extension, continental human and technical resources. We are poised to prepare young people all over Africa to succeed at all costs, by equipping them with marketable and on-demand skills that have become relevant in the global marketplace today. Their futures must not be left on auto-pilot, neither by happenstance but adeptly and innovatively designed for opportunities they are naturally and professionally suited for.

With presence in over 14 sub-Saharan Africa, what we do has become indispensable especially in raising youth who will not only be work-ready but will be able to own and secure their economic futures.

Many thanks to JA Africa’s partners, board, member nations and staff, whose contribution towards this cause has become the backbone of our existence. Thank you also to ICS Africa for this citation.

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