JA Africa Named Amongst 10 Leading NGOs Shaping Africa’s Future

JA Africa is honored to be listed as a Top 10 Leading NGO Shaping Africa’s Future by Avance Media. This recognition is an affirmation of the impact of JA Africa’s work across 13 African countries, which is equipping young people for economic success.

With over 1.4 billion people, the African continent’s story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the role non-governmental organizations have played in various fields. It can’t be denied that the continent is still at a stage, where the contributions of NGOs are needed to create better opportunities. Annually, billions of dollars are invested on the continent through various philanthropic initiatives and its impact can be attributed to the dedication of organizations who have been working on the continent for centuries.

The list of 10 Leading NGOs Shaping Africa’s Future is part of Avance Media’s effort in honoring organizations whose collective efforts greatly contribute to the development of the continent through key sectors such as education, health, climate change, agriculture and economic empowerment.

On criteria for selection, the Avance Media team looked at the works of these organizations for the past 5 years, their presence in 2 or more African countries, their working partnership with other NGOs based on the availability of annual or Impact reports.

As part of the 2022 Avance Media honors, listed NGOs have been presented as nominees for the 2022 NGO of the Year Award. This will be announced and presented after public votes which would be announced during the outdooring of the honorees.

Below are the 10 Leading NGOs Shaping Africa Future by Avance Media

More information about the list is published on  www.avancemedia.org/leadingngos

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