JA Africa Alumni Now Huffington Post Contributor and Writer

Adedayo Fashanu participated in the JA company program whilst in Cayley College in Lagos State, Nigeria in the year 2005-2006. Junior Achievement came to her school and her year group was the first set to experience the JA Company Program. Together with her peers, they created an Enterprise and their business was fashioned around jewelry making using African beads. She was selected by her peers to be the president of their JA Enterprise. They created a business plan under the supervision of an assigned JA official mentor and sold shares to the parents at PTA meetings and after school. The enterprise was a huge success and one of the most remarkable experiences of her school years. Till today that memory still resides deeply with her and her peers and they often share fond memories of how JA brought them closer together.

JA Africa Alumnus

She also participated in the LEAD CAMP after taking a CAMBRIDGE exam JA orchestrated. She scored the highest in the exam in Lagos that year and that made her school very happy about JA’s presence and influence on their students.

After her secondary school education, Adedayo moved to the United States where she attended Cameron University. She went on to become the youngest graduate of the 2008 year group at just 17 years old. She earned an Associate in Science degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Pre-Nursing.

Adedayo now works as a journalist, speaker, moderator, writer and author. She is the author of “The Art of Being Alive Series” on Huffington Post and also writes for Forbes magazine. She interviews young entrepreneurs, social activists, innovators, global change-makers and individuals focusing on Global Development & Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

She said “JA made me who I am today. I got a nick name in the school because I was always invited to speak to the parents at the PTA meetings, after every student had left, about JA and about them buying shares. I assured them of “Maximum Profit”, so all the parents and teachers started calling me MAXIMUM PROFIT each time they spotted me around”

We will continue to follow Adedayo’s journey as she continues to enjoy success in her career. We wish you all the best Adedayo.




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