JA Africa Alumni join UNLEASH to create Sustainable Development Solutions

JA Africa Alumni, Farai Munjoma, Rudo Mazhandu, both from JA Zimbabwe, and Wise Banda of JA Zambia have been selected to attend the 2017 Unleash Lab, a global innovation lab for sustainable development, which hopes to boost the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with a nine-day event of a thousand unique people creating solutions to make it all happen.

UNLEASH kicked off on Sunday August 13th at the Train Workshop, a raw, industrial space where participants enjoyed a day of inspirational speakers, team activities and initial work on SDG solutions. Talents take part in case challenges with innovative companies, experts and start-ups.

In Copenhagen, the talents explore a range of innovative companies around the city when they go on the SDG Roadmap, before meeting at City Hall where the Mayor sends the talents off to Folk High Schools.

The talents go through a facilitated process of innovation, uniquely tailored by UNLEASH and Deloitte. They form teams to explore real-life challenges within the 7 themes from multiple angles, before defining specific problems and coming up with preliminary solutions. These are tested with leading experts and company partners, then refined, and ultimately presented to peers and panels of judges and mentors.

The SDG Innovation Challenge takes place at 10 Folk High Schools, unique learning institutions located in the Danish countryside. Folk High Schools focus on personal development, open collaboration, and hands-on learning, and these approaches inform the SDG problem-solving to unlock new perspectives.

At the end of this rapid-fire innovation process, each team of talents have a draft SDG solution, implementation plan, and presentation – getting them ready for Aarhus!

Congratulations to the JA Alumni involved! Stay tuned for more updates:)

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