From the CEO

Welcome to JA Africa

We are powered by our important mission to help equip Africa’s next generation of business leaders to be ready for their futures. This mission is manifested in all 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa where JA works, carrying on a legacy of almost a hundred years of empowering young people to own their future economic success.

The data on our growing youth population in Africa and the statistics around youth unemployment is overwhelming. How do we secure the future of this continent when the young people who live on it, eager to make their marks and carve their places, are often under-equipped to have the impact they want to have? These are the questions we ask ourselves daily. In my travels across our programs, I am frequently honored to meet young people who give me hope that our mission is important and relevant and that our work is impactful. They tell stories of difficulty and challenges, but also of hope and aspiration. These are the things that we have the incredible task of tapping into.

I believe that JA Africa is well positioned to serve as a catalyst for this change which is needed. Building on our three core pillars of financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, JA Africa continues to explore innovative and impactful ways to mobilize, motivate and move Africa’s young people to the next level.

We stand at the crossroads of business and philanthropy. We are committed to leveraging all the resources available to us to ensure that young people are equipped with the skills they need to compete with their peers across the world.

JA Africa strives to continually explore ways to help young Africans become more competitive and better equipped. We apply rigor to the creation of new curricula that meet the changing knowledge needs and interests of the youth we work with, while continually refining existing programs to ensure their relevance and agility to the evolving dynamics of youth. We are committed to working at scale in all our countries, tackling the challenge we face by large orders of magnitude in order to stem the growing tide of youth unemployment.

I’m thrilled at the opportunity to engage stakeholders from various sectors to leverage our combined resources to reach our common goal of overcoming the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa.

I welcome you to become a part of our important mission!