Delta Air Lines Supports Innovation Camps in Ghana and Senegal

Delta Air Lines, in collaboration with JA Africa, recently organized and successfully held Innovation Camps for over 120 students in Ghana and Senegal. The one-day business simulation workshop, known as the Delta Innovation Camp, aimed to foster creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills among the participants.

The Delta Innovation Camp provided an opportunity for students to engage in a hands-on learning experience while tackling real-life business challenges faced by Delta Airlines on a global scale. Guided by experts from diverse backgrounds, the students were introduced to the concepts of innovation and design thinking through practical case studies.


The students collaborated and worked diligently to develop innovative solutions for the business challenges posed by Delta Airlines. The camp encouraged the participants to think outside the box, leverage their creativity, and approach problem-solving from different perspectives.

Delta Air Lines remains committed to supporting educational initiatives that empower young minds and cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit. By partnering with Junior Achievement Africa and organizing the Delta Innovation Camp, Delta aims to inspire the next generation of leaders in Ghana and Senegal and equip them with essential skills for future success.


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