Company of the Year Competition 2023 Registration


Welcome to the Company of the Year (COY) competition registration page!

The 13th annual Africa COY competition will take place in Kigali, Rwanda from December 6-8 and we’re excited to welcome you! The theme for COY 2023 is “Breaking Barriers.”

We expect to have twelve country teams competing for the grand prize of Company of the Year as well as branded awards.

Please download and carefully review the competition criteria and guidelines for 2023 to ensure your team is well-prepared for the competition.

Each Member Nation is required to complete the registration forms/submit the documents below on behalf of their delegates in order to participate in COY 2023.

6. Chaperone conduct form
7. Best Facilitator Video: Submit via email to

8. Photograph release forms: FedEx (Adult and Minor), CitiDelta Air Lines, JA Africa & all other donors


September 1 – October 30 – Regular registration period
Regular registration period for all MNs (excluding those whose competitions fall after this date). MN Registration form, Company Profile and Company Report must all be fully completed and submitted for registration to be considered complete. Please note that you can submit the completed registration forms even if passport information for the students is not yet available. That can be sent to the ROC at a later date.
November 1 – November 14 – Late Registration period 
Member Nations that have their National Competition after the 30th October, must make a request for a late registration with the ROC. They will then be granted the opportunity to register between 1st and the 14th of November.
Member Nations that submit their registration outside of the registration period, without prior authorization from the ROC, forfeit their right to have their report reviewed by the judges. 

All travel arrangement forms must be submitted no later than November 15th in order for airport transfer arrangements to be made.
If you experience any challenges with this registration site, please send an email to