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We are excited that you will be taking part in the virtual JA Africa Out of School Youth Competition! Kindly take note of the following deadlines and complete the registration form below.



  • Registration deadline: 15th October, 2018
  • Business Plan Submission:  15th October, 2018
  • Video Advertisement Submission: 15th October, 2018


1. Each country may submit 2 teams for the competition.
2. Each team must complete 5 requirements in order to participate in the competition:
a) Complete Company Profile Form
b) Complete 3 phases of Facebook Blueprint courses (a personal Facebook account is required)
c) Set up a Facebook business page (Note: if the team already has one they do not have to create a new page. The team should just build/improve on it)
d) Develop and submit a business plan
e) Film and submit a 3-min video advertisement
Further details on all the above are within the Out of School Youth guidelines. Deadline for completion and submission is October 26 at 11:59pm GMT
3. Awards – 1st Place (Company of the Year), 2nd place (runner up) and Best Digital Marketing.

Company Profile Form - OOSY/Alumni

Step 1 of 2 - Basic Information

  • This form requires you to submit detailed information on the student companies that will be competing in the JA Africa Regional Company of the Year Competition which will be held in Ghana from 5th – 7th December 2018. Please note that only 4 students may be listed per Mini-Enterprise Team and only 2 participants for ITS TYME. Please ensure that you complete all sections of the form.
  • Press (+) to list names of all management team members representing the company in this competition
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