The Cha-Ching Money Show with Adanna and Emeka

Why Was The Cha-Ching Money Show with Adanna and Emeka Created?

JA Africa and Prudence Foundation have partnered to bring the Cha-Ching program from the classroom to TV through the “Cha-Ching Money Show with Adanna and Emeka” to reinforce the financial literacy concepts taught in the Cha-Ching videos through wraparound sessions with young teenage African hosts, Adanna Okoli and Emeka Nwogugu, that include games, activities, and interviews with special guests. 

The multidisciplinary wraparound content around the original videos helps to enhance literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and financial literacy skills while inspiring young African children who see themselves reflected in the hosts and Cha-Ching Clubhouse Kids. The series has 18 episodes which are 10 to 15 minutes long.

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Key Lessons


Money does not grow on trees. Money has to be earned before you can save, spend, or donate it. Key topics include: why people work; opportunities through entrepreneurship; and, how to manage your allowance efficiently.


Saving is an important habit. Setting aside money before spending to save for a rainy day is important. Key topics include: growing your money; comparing prices; planning and budgeting; and saving for short- and long-term goals.


To be money-smart, children need to learn how to differentiate between needs and wants (Instant vs. delayed gratification). Key topics include: budgeting (making a plan), creating a spending journal, and spending money wisely (“Think first”).


There are always people who have less than us, and it is important to share. Key topics include: donating money, belongings, and time, building our communities, and helping those less fortunate.

Introducing The Cha-Ching Money Show with Adanna and Emeka

Episode One: Introduction to Earn, Save, Spend and Donate

Watch this after Episode 1

Episode Two: Earning Money

Episode 3: Entrepreneurship

Episode 4: Saving Money

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