CEO of JA Africa selected for prestigious Tutu Leadership Fellowship

Elizabeth Bintliff, CEO of Junior Achievement (JA) Africa, has been selected as one of the 27 candidates for the African Leadership Institute’s (AFLI) prestigious Tutu Leadership Fellowship.  Amongst nearly 300 nominees from over 30 African countries, 26 of Africa’s highest potential young leaders were selected to take part in the programme.  According to Dr Jackie Chimhanzi, CEO of AFLI, “the calibre of applicant was particularly high and we battled to arrive at our final selection.  It was clear, from the applications received, that there are many young people committed to and actively working towards a better Africa.”  Spanning various industries, representing 11 African countries and ranging from 29 to 39 years of age, the selected candidates demonstrate the wealth and breadth of leadership talent that exists in Africa’s youth.

“We believe that serving one’s followers with selfless inspirational leadership based on strong values is the critical ingredient that is going to catapult Africa forward socially, politically and economically,” commented Peter Wilson, co-founder of AFLI.  “The Tutu Leadership Fellowship was created in order to maximise the impact that leadership can have, whether at a country level, across the continent or even globally.”

Tutu Fellows are exceptional African leaders from all walks of life and different parts of society who use their leadership abilities to help transform the continent.  Selected candidates are those who have demonstrated they have the potential to be top level leaders in their chosen fields in Africa within the next few years and who will lead with integrity, strong values and passion for their fellow Africans.  With the financial support of GlaxoSmithKline, Investec, Centum, Rio Tinto, Barclays Africa, Thomson Reuters and Allen & Overy and in collaboration with Oxford University, the Class of 2017 will be exposed to some of top African and global leaders, strategists and thinkers.

The Class of 2017 is below.

Please follow the links to the individual candidates pictures and bios.  The entire list of all of the candidates can be accessed from any of the links below as well.

Archbishop Tutu Leadership Programme

Offered on a part-time basis over six months, the programme includes two nine-day workshops with an impressive array of distinguished leaders and faculty.  The first is at the historic Mont Fleur conference facility in South Africa in April, and the other module is split between Oxford University and London in September.  Mont Fleur is symbolic as the venue where different scenarios of South Africa post-1994 were deliberated. Candidates are also required to write essays on an aspect of leadership in Africa.  As a forward-looking programme, in groups, the Tutu Fellows engage in Africa Scenario projects, contemplating how dynamics on the continent could play out.  Given the servant leadership focus, Fellows are also required to develop a community project.  Over the years, Fellows’ community projects have included affordable housing for students in Mozambique, the Kenyan TV show,Africa Leadership Dialogues and improving facilities at disadvantaged schools. More at: Case Studies. Upon completing the programme, Tutu Fellows continue to play active roles in their respective communities and spheres of influence.

About AFLI

Founded in 2004 by Peter Wilson (Rhodes Scholar, Zimbabwe) and Sean Lance (international business leader, South Africa), with the support of Oxford University, the African Leadership Institute developed the continent’s premier leadership programme.  Since the creation of its flagship programme a decade ago, 280 Tutu Fellows have gone through the programme.  The Archbishop Tutu Leadership Programme selects high-potential candidates from across Africa and includes a strong focus on the values and ethics of leadership. These individuals represent a powerful network of exceptional leadership from a wide range of sectors aiming to extend the benefits of their learning and experiences to the broader community. The vision is clear – to build a critical mass of visionary, strategic, self-aware and ethical leaders across the continent who, together, become the catalysts for change and the transformation of Africa.

For more information, please visit the African Leadership Institute’s website. 

For further information, please contact:
Dr Jackie Chimhanzi
+27 83 501 1078

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