Article: The Impact Of Inclusion Of African Girls

According to, 70% of women in Africa face inequality: access to education, economic empowerment, political representation, and cultural norms. International Women’s Day which dates back to 1911 has brought forth a new theme- Inspire Inclusion, which highlights the necessity to address problems or struggles referring to African girls, prioritizing the need for empowerment and inclusion in all aspects of the society. Promoting open dialogue and listening to diverse perspectives as well as encouraging and bringing out the leaders within them regardless of their age, background, or race.

Inspire Inclusion celebrates diversity in many different means, for instance, gender, race, religion, ability, etc. It creates ways for people and communities to come together and showcase their different perspectives and talents.

Most African girls in more rural regions tend to face the issue of being denied the opportunity to have access to education, and at times when given the advantage, gender-based barriers are often implemented which reduces their ability to succeed – Across sub-Saharan Africa, 9 million girls between the ages of 6 and 11 will never attend school. ( As a part of inspiring inclusion, enlightening programs are held in these areas to switch their fixed mindset to a growth mindset, empowering and inspiring them to believe they are as necessary and needed as anybody else. Organizations such as JA Africa aim to empower girls to become leaders and achievers as well as other similar programs.

Inspire Inclusion in Africa also aims to incorporate and encourage women in the occupational field to take up more “men-dominating” careers as a lot is stereotyping when it comes to what males and females have the potential to do. According to (WESOS), women bring unique skills and perspectives to the workplace. Female presence has a positive impact on the world economy.

Discrimination and prejudices such as cultural and social norms against African females are increasingly tuned down by promoting understanding awareness, empathy, and respect among many people which also leads to a transformation of social institutions, such as education, health care, and governance all over Africa. This can further lead to providing safe spaces for citizens to express their identities and frame of mind.

In conclusion, Inspire Inclusion in Africa aims to include African girls in achieving gender equality and encouraging them to recognize their unique point of view as well as take their stand and participate in whatever they are inspired to do regardless of where ever they find themselves. Therefore, brings up understanding, empathy, and appreciation for diversity. Inclusion expresses a sense of value respect and empowerment to add impact to many African lives.


LEAD Camp Girls – Team Blaq Diamonds

  • Akinwunmi Hafeezah-Nigeria
  • Atiye Esther-Nigeria
  • Princess Dladla-South Africa
  • Angel – South  Africa
  • Rita Asantewaa – Ghana
  • Richel Laryea- Ghana

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