JA Alumni are a select group of leaders who have experienced Junior Achievement programs as students. You may have run your own student business as a member of the JA Company Program®, experienced what it was like to make financial decisions based on a financial literacy program or learned about money, careers or running a business in any one of JA’s other programs. Regardless of which JA program you participated in, we invite you to join the JA Alumni Society, that brings together JA Alumni from all over the continent, by registering to join Gather. It’s free to join! Gather is a platform for former JA programme participants to broaden their personal horizons, receive empowerment and inspiration, expand their thinking, foster their curiosity for interdisciplinary and social challenges and build a global personal network. It is also an avenue to give back, to teach, to promote others and support international understanding. Through Gather, alumni can maximize their personal potential!


Your JA Story is unique. It can inspire others to make bold choices about their futures. We want to hear it.

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The JA Alumni are a vast and powerful cohort of young people who share similar experiences of having completed JA’s enriching programs. This network, which is over 2 million people strong has the potential to be a powerful group of change agents

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