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JA’s model is curriculum-based, volunteer driven; context-adaptive and highly experiential. Volunteers from the business community deliver our curriculum while sharing their own experiences with students. Volunteers transform key concepts of JA’s curricula into tangible actions.



In Zimbabwe, 300,000 young people enter the labor market annually, but less than 10 percent are absorbed into formal employment (African Development Bank, 2013). The main challenge faced by young people to break through into the world of work is that they have foundational and technical skills but lack soft skills which are important to employers (Zimbabwe Labor Market Survey, 2014). Young people also face challenges like lack of work experience, professional contacts and networks.


JA Zimbabwe, in partnership with the private sector, developed a youth employability program in 2013 where recent college graduates were trained on life skills, work ethics and placed as interns. The model benefited 128 young people with 86 transitioning to full time employment from April 2013 to March 2015. This outcome has resulted in the replication of the youth internship model from. Notably, the model won an international award from the MetLife Foundation in 2014.



Funded by Barclays and Citi Foundation


ITS TYME stands for Immersion Training Strategy: Targeting Young Marginalized Entrepreneurs. ITS TYME builds on JA’s highly   acclaimed entrepreneurship training curriculum designed to provide introductory business education to out of school youth through a variety of hands-on activities and supplements supporting a diverse range of learners. This unique and highly practical program takes business education out of the classroom and into the African marketplace, motor parks, slums, sports areas and other centers of youth activity with a mission to equip young people with the practical, strategic and tactical tools they need to become financially self-sufficient.


Working in partnership with Barclays and with Citi Foundation, the program has been implemented in five countries, reaching over 6000 youth across a wide range of disciplines and industries, from environmental entrepreneurs, mechanical innovators, food preservation and processing, creative recycling to food service and artistic performance.



In 2013, JA South Africa developed the flagship Mini Enterprise Programme on to a digital platform. Although eLearning and the use of technology in school education is not a new idea, the methodology of programme implementation made possible through innovative programme development is unique and original in respect of this Digital Enterprise Programme. eLearning programmes currently in use are mainly online programmes which require reliable, high speed internet access and cannot be run offline.

JA’s Digital Enterprise Programme can be run either online or offline, depending the on internet infrastructure available. The Raspberry Pi(Ed) solution allows for full programme implementation without access to the internet.

The Digital Mini Enterprise Programme offers a dual learning environment of eLearning and a workspace component.



Funded by Bechtel and the Government of Gabon


In Gabon, JA was entrusted with the management and oversight of the National Incubator by the Government, as part of a wider national strategy to promote entrepreneurship among young people. JA has been instrumental in beginning to change the career ambitions of youth, providing new choices and opportunities.


The incubator is a working space where young entrepreneurs or developing businesses can share ideas, carry out activities and share co-working space. There are resources for business start-ups, coaching, information on running a business and the eco-working space (promoting collaborations and co-habitation working lifestyles). An increasing amount of knowledge and expertise on a wide range of industries and businesses are available at the incubator for one to develop their business ideas and successfully bring them to life.