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We are excited to welcome you to the JA Africa Company of the Year Competition in Johannesburg, South Africa from December 6th-8th, 2017! Kindly take note of the following deadlines and complete the registration forms below.



  • Late registration: 6th November, 2017
  • Submit a one-page response to info@ja-africa.org as to why your team should be considered for the FedEx Access award: 17th November, 2017
  • Presentations, music & video submission: 22nd November, 2017
  • Company Report Submission : 22nd November, 2017


ALL Participants must submit the following forms:  

  1. Member Nation Registration Form
  2. Company Profile Form
  3. Travel Arrangement Form
  4. Company Report Submission

Download the following forms, fill, scan and upload under the Member Nation Registration Form. 

  1. JA Africa & Other Sponsors’ Photograph Release Form
  2. FedEx Photograph Release Form
  3. Citi Photograph Release Form
  4. Parent/Guardian Consent Form


Questions? Concerns? Contact maame.yankah@ja-africa.org